Tips To Help Older Adults Deal With Depression

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  • May 07, 2018

As people age, they go through some major life changes that affect their physical and mental health. Loneliness, loss of a loved one, and an inactive social life are just some of the things that make them more vulnerable to depression. Coping with depression can be a tough task and can be even more difficult for seniors to deal with it. So, if you know a senior family member or friend who is a victim of depression, here are some tips that can be helpful.

  • Seniors suffering from depression may find it difficult to get good night’s sleep. If your loved one is experiencing this type of side effect, help them treat their sleep problem. Make a regular schedule and ensure they stick to it. In addition, try to get them to avoid daytime naps by keeping them engaged in different activities.
  • Dealing with stress and depression is tough for seniors, especially if they have lost their sense of purpose. To reduce the risk of depression, encourage your aging loved one to take up different pastimes or engage in social activities. In addition, volunteering for an organization is a great way to reduce stress, depression, and other mental health problems while socializing with many others.
  • Staying socially inactive gives rise to depression. Encourage your senior family member to participate in different social and cultural programs to maintain an active social life. It will also provide them an opportunity to engage and socialize with people near their own age and of similar interests.
  • Staying physically active can also help in reducing depression. So, make sure your aging parent exercises regularly for improved physical and mental health. You can look for a senior fitness club or an exercise program such as yoga classes, Tai Chi, and more.

Seniors often need someone to talk to and share their experiences. If you are unable to take care of all their needs, consider hiring companionship for them in the form of caregivers. As one of the leading home care agencies in Summerville, we have a team of highly experienced in-home care providers that offers the much-needed companionship services to seniors, thus reducing their risk of depression. For more information,
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