How To Ensure Proper Medication Management For Your Aging Parent

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  • May 24, 2018

Seniors often rely on a number of medicines to stay fit and healthy, but proper medication management happens to be one of the most difficult tasks for many older adults. They may get confused about which medicine to take and at what time, or may not remember if they took their last scheduled pill. This may result in dangerous drug interaction and incorrect dosage. So, how can you help seniors with proper medication management?

Here are some tips that you can consider.

Set reminders

Older adults may often forget to take their medicines on time. Set an alarm or reminder on their phone or alarm clock or have a family member responsible for reminding them to take their medication at the correct time.

Organize properly

Seniors often take a number of different drugs and supplements. To avoid any kind of confusion, keep them organized in a secure box and away from the sunlight. In addition, make sure to periodically check the expiration date medicines they do not use regularly or on an “as needed basis” and dispose of them accordingly.

Watch for side effects

Medications may have numerous side effects. Pay close attention to your aging parent’s health and side effects of their drugs, especially when they start taking a new one. Dizziness, loss of sleep, headache, and stomach pain are some of the common side effects, but take note regardless. If they become worse or there are any serious side effects, make sure to consult a health professional immediately.

Hire professional help

Seniors who live alone may find it difficult to manage their medication properly. If you find this to be the case and you are unable to help them at all times, hiring professional help in the form of caregiver is always the best option. An experienced in-home care provider will ensure that your aging loved one takes the prescribed medication regularly and at the right time. In addition, they will also help in organizing the medicines properly.

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